Data Recovery services for a better tomorrow and safe present

Data recovery services come into play when you doubt your data safety, in situations when you see or face any disaster or natural calamity. This leaves you feeling stressed for your data. Data recovery services can help you in regaining control of your data and recovering it instantly. When you suffer some sort of power outage, a single spark can lose everything you have stored on your system is vulnerable One major data backup is cloud storage. Large numbers of people rely on cloud storage for data backup and recovery. Experts like Bright circle data recovery provide impeccable data recovery services where you can rescue data instantly. There are few more things that can provide amazing data recovery.

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Benefits of using Data Recovery Services are following:-

  1. It Is Affordable

When you take into account the cost of backup in drives, servers, and any other hardware you have to purchase be it software and safe storage, the cloud backup services column will definitely be more pocket-friendly. Since a cloud storage keeps your data more secure and manageable.

  1. It Is More Secure

The first security benefit you might consider with cloud storage is the fact that you never need to worry about fires, floods, or break-ins since your data is nestled in the cloud. It can provide with real peace of mind you will feel from cloud storage companies’ use of encryption will give you the freedom to take care of daily tasks easily and worry-free.

  1. It Is Easy to Access

You may worry that it is difficult to retrieve data in the cloud, but that not true. As long as you can connect to your remote server, you can access anything you need in an instant. Basically, you can access your data anytime and anywhere using cloud services. Data Recovery services in the cloud can help you in dealing with all the data storage problems.

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Bright Circle Data recovery services are comprehensive and provide complete project to data thus saving it in a better way. Data recovery from world class storage systems like the cloud is easy and instant.


Bright Circle: Things should be optimized to get faster and productive computers

Every computer needs to be optimized, even if you have splurged a heavy amount in buying the latest version i7 of powerful third or fourth generation. The computer’s registry gets cluttered with a lot of trash files and temporary files. When you use the computer daily, you can easily figure out the slow speed of your system which makes your simple task time intensive. The hard drive gets impacted from the internet trash and other software that keeps running at the back thus consuming a part of RAM. In short, the computer hard drive also gets cluttered with useless files that can and will slow your PC to a snail slow if not properly optimized on a daily basis. Bright Circle Pc Support services provide complete care to protect your system from such troubles. Optimize your computer instantly with the use of high-end technology and tools.

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Hard Drive Optimization

If you uninstall a program, there are chances that the folder for that program still shows up on the hard drive and referenced in the registry. While surfing on the internet, few files from internet get stored in the cache of the system thus making it slow. Some of the cached files that are intended to make web browsing faster are harmless. They reduce the time by storing it in the cache when you download an entire web page every time it is viewed. The problem lies in those unnecessary files that get stored in your system and will slow the computer down. A good computer optimization program will remove the unnecessary clutter on the hard drive thus optimizing the computer.

Registry Optimization

The computer registry is called computer brain. If it is cluttered then it will have slow processing speed and would take much time to process instructions. The registry has its own memory that remembers everything that is done on the computer, which in time will bog it down making it slower to access vital information. Registry optimization and cleaning are the need of the hour to maintain the life and productivity of the system. If you have to know how of how the registry works then you can easily clean and register them but be sure of the actions as if the wrong registry gets deleted then your system might get unstable. Over time your computer RAM stores files that are not needed and slows down the computer until these junk files are removed.

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Bright Circle PC supports services start with a complete diagnose to understand and get a hold of the problem. It then repairs every problem like lack of antivirus, Drivers and removes all temp files and cache to increase speed.

Choose complete protection anytime anywhere using Bright Circle Protection services.

How to recover deleted files from Windows using recycle bin like a Pro

Recover lost files which got accidently deleted by you or by anyone else. Use recycle bin to recover your files. Recycle bin stores files all the deleted files from the day you have started using your laptop or desktop. Bright Circle data recovery offers comprehensive services that ensure complete data recovery in a fraction of the time at the safe location at the comfort of your house.

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The deleted files and folders present in the Recycle Bin folder of your Windows Operating system can be restored as when required, signifies that the deleted data items in the Bin are not yet removed from the hard disk drive of your Windows machine. Files in the recycle bin can be easily restored seamlessly in a single click.

Files can be easily restored at the previous locations in HDD partitions.

Restore all the deleted files or selected files by selecting restore all items or Restore the selected items and then clicking on restore to retrieve old files. Select all or select few depending upon the need to restore entire data or simply a part of it.

If you have deleted files permanently using shift plus delete then this reduces the chances of recovering files from the bin. If you are using data storage like cloud then you can ensure instant data recovery with complete data restored in your system.

Restore Backup – You can recover files deleted from recycle bin either by restoring the backup file you created or from the external data storage device wherein you backed up all your data files and folders. After restoring the backup file, you can run a check to see if the deleted data that you wanted to undelete is present or not. In a case of a situation where you have neither created a backup nor backed up your data on any external device, then opting for HDD recovery software or services would be viable solutions.

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Bright Circle data Backup services offer complete backup taken timely to ensure every file get a secure and protected backup. Trusts the one trusted by many and get assured services rendered by expert technicians.

How to find best data recovery services for your data storage?

You will never need a backup is a myth; a lot of people think that backup is a waste of money till they face any natural disaster or misfortune. Once you lose data or heard somebody’s data loss then only you will get to know how important is to store data and recovery services.

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Once you have set your mind and thought about data recovery services, choosing best data recovery service can be a daunting task for you. You can’t trust blindly on a third party for your crucial and critical data like pictures, video, photos and business documents. What factors to see before selecting any data service?

Find the list here:-

Find the top data storage and recovery services providers in IT industry.

Data recovery is a serious thing. You need to check the company portfolio and service levels. If the recovery is done in the first attempt then it is great otherwise, chances will decrease with a number of attempts. So the first data recovery provider should be the best one. For the same reason, try not to open damaged media if you want to maximize the chance of the recovery. The company which provides first attempt data recovery should be your first priority.

Trust the Worthy

Select a company that you know or somebody has referred to you. Choose a well-known provider and somebody who have used it in person. Don’t take a risk and choose the known and tested data recovery services.

Choose the experienced one

More experience provides better services. An experienced service provider can tackle toughest data recovery.

Technologically advanced

Always select the one who uses advanced technology to provide data recovery and storage issues. Choose the technology provider that continuously improve and change over the time like flash technology, virtualization technology, encryption, etc.) This means that it’s important to choose a data recovery provider with a strong experience in this particular field and with millions of cases every year.

Adept technicians

With advanced technology, you must see the quality and skill of the technicians. The benefit of high-end technology can be very well served by highly skilled technicians. Technicians at Bright Circle are certified with years of experience.

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Value for Money

Data recovery services that fit in your pocket easily can increase the chances of using services. Many companies try to provide low quality service with fake promises. At bright circle, you will always receive more value for money. With additional services to gratify your needs, get instant recovery services in less time.

Bright Circle will manage, collaborate and protect your data with exceptional data recovery services.

Bright Circle : Protect your business with an effective storage and backup strategy

In a perfect world, enterprises wouldn’t have to worry about computer failure, natural disasters and losing valuable information that could set them back financially. But in today’s data-centered world, finding reliable storage and backup options that combat cyber-security threats is imperative to protecting an organization’s information, people and customers. In an environment where both human and technical errors are unavoidable, IT leaders must guard their infrastructure with a solid backup and recovery plan that is tailored to their business.

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Collecting and storing data is essential for running a smooth business operation, but so is understanding that this data can be stolen, lost or hacked at a moment’s notice. The first step in putting together an efficient backup strategy is finding the right service provider you can trust to manage your valuable network architecture.

The more hardware, software, users and data is added to your IT network, the more database recovery needs to be top of mind for every organization. Simplifying your data protection processes across your entire organization can be accomplished with Jolera’s Managed Barracuda service – a born-in-the-cloud solution that offers cost-effective data protection and easily secures your critical data in a one-stop flexible platform. The flexible solution simplifies data protection across your entire infrastructure and gives you complete end-to-end backup and recovery coverage.
What will give organizations that use large amounts of private data ease of mind is a high performing managed security service that delivers end-to-end protection. Jolera’s modern backup solutions – including Secure-I.T, a managed security as a service offering, and Store-I.T., a cloud solution that offers scalable online backup options based on Jolera’s cloud platform – will safeguard your business data from a single console.

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Solving the challenges of network and data security are complex. Jolera has been implementing, managing and optimizing managed services solutions for over 15 years, and their customers trust their IT expertise and customized solutions to accelerate their growth.

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How to manage Data Recovery and storage in the Era of Big Data

Surrounded by trillion bytes of data, we are living in world of Big Data. Where on one side companies are dealing with how to utilize the voluminous and varied data, they are neglecting the foremost important aspect, data recovery, and data storage.

Data and Its concepts

It would be right in saying, big data can garner unbelievable results if analyzed and churned right to gain information. Companies are investing handsomely to collect data and use it for company’s bright future. Few companies could judge the need for data recovery and Data storage in near future. Bright Circle Data Recovery Services provides cutting edge data recovering services to growing companies.

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Know Data Recovery in detail

Data Recovery is a term used when you recover or revive lost data from any external or internal hard drive. The data is recovered when you have accidently deleted files, formatted hard drives, window re-installation, failed system boot and much more. The reasons are many but the solutions are few. Data recovery is used to recover information that becomes invisible and inaccessible due to sudden damages. The entire world becomes upside down if you lose company’s crucial data, at that moment of time data recovery is first thing you look for.

Don’t lose hope and Data

Data loss can be due to any reasons like physical damage to the storage disk it is stored in. It is also because of the failed operating system, corrupt files, registry damages and many more. Data loss can be protected by storing data at more than one place, generally called backups. Look for assistance for data storage from the industry leader like Bright circle data storage services. They are known for using groundbreaking tools and techniques for data recovery and storage services.

Recover and Store

The myth got busted, Data can be recovered even if gets deleted from the hard drive as per experts. The data exist at the storage device but becomes inaccessible. It can later recover by using data recovery tools.

The Master boot record lets you view those deleted file before recovering them completely by bits and pieces of information that is available at the storage space. Make a note of this, every device has its own way of storing data hence the data recovery is not same for all.

You can ensure data availability by keeping copies of data in various data hard drives and external sources.

Data Recovery Vs Data Repair

Data recovery is when you have deleted data or accidently lost data due to sudden damage to hard drive or internal drive of the system. Data repair, on the other hand is needed when files get corrupt due to viruses or system issues. The data needs to be repaired and the broken code is again created by technicians to revoke data files.

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Data recovery is not guaranteed, it might revive your lost data. If data is not recovered by means of data recovery tools then you can look for data recovery services from an expert like Bright Circle data recovery services.


What Should a Mac User do in case Mac is Running Slowly

Bright Circle Technical Support observes one of the unique selling points of the Mac is that ‘it works profoundly well’ and users usually do not require spending hours updating drivers and troubleshooting problems. But, what should a user do when something on his/her Mac goes wrong? For the Mac users, OS X is equipped with number of built-in tools to help diagnose and resolve many problems. Dial Bright circle Technical Service for increasing your Mac Book speed.

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What can user do if his/her Mac is running very slow.

The first thing a user do is to access the Activity Monitor. This can be accessed by going on to the Applications > the Utilities > the Activity Monitor, present in the Finder window. Once it is opened, then user will find five different tabs, namely, CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk, and Network. Now, click on the Memory tab, then user will be taken on to a window displaying a list sequence of all processes running on your Mac, as well as a graph of memory usage. In case it’s green, then it is expected, all is good with your system.

But, in case it is amber or red, OS X is having trouble managing memory and might be the reason that user Mac is running slowly. This might be because of a memory-hogging application, and by arranging the list as per the memory usage (arrow pointing down), user might quickly identify the fault zone. Please note user should ignore processes which have “root” listed as the user, and target on those applications, which are running from user account.

Determine the memory-hogging app, select that by click on it and then click the X icon present in the toolbar to get that close. It is experienced, that Google Docs might consume a huge amount of memory, in comparison to the other processes running on users’ Mac. It’s been noticed that Docs demand 3GB+ of memory a handful of times, while the second largest process is under 1GB. Closing the Google Docs window and re-opening it generally fixes the issue and reduces the memory consumption.

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Once the app/stopped gets closed, then the memory-hogging process, then it is advised to restart users’ Mac. But, we feel that the effects must be almost instant as user have stopped the process from using too much processing power, and then, restarting a Mac might restart the processes (based on what it is) and take user back to square one. Lastly, Bright Circle Customer Services advice user that they may restart Mac, though it is optional for majority of the users.

Data Backup Ensures Availability of the Data Files with NO LOSS of Information

We live in the age of technology! Data is crucial for any user, hence its availability. Daily operations performed on to the various devices generates lots of data files. That too, in any form. To accommodate structure data, unstructured data, and semi-structure data is among the greatest challenges, today. The Bright Circle customer support services observe the importance of the data backup and its storage, taking various remedies as solutions and proposals via dedicated services. The data can be compromised, stolen corrupted, and lost, via human error, hardware failure, hacking, and malware. Loss or corruption of data files may result in potentially significant disruption. A backup is a kind of process where archiving of data is performed such that it can be restored if a loss of data occurs.

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Backups are mainly used for two objectives. First, for recovering data, in case of data is deleted, loss, or corrupted. Second, recovering conventional data as per data retention policy. Therefore, necessarily it must be the part of disaster recovery plan. As backup includes minimum a copy of all data files, that has to be filtered and considered worth saving, the data storage requirements can be vital. Therefore, a data repository model has to be used to offer the structure for the storage devices, which can be arranged to offer the geographic redundancy, portability, and data security. Generally, the data are selected, extracted and then manipulated before migrating to the respective storage locations.

To optimize backup procedure, various techniques are used such as compression, encryption, and de-duplication etc. Any backup strategy commences with a concept of a data repository. Data backup and recovery is significantly integral part of the routine operations and information technology disaster recovery plan. Any strategy of the data backup needs to identify, as to what data is supposed to be backup, selecting and deploying hardware and software backup procedures, scheduling and conducting backups and routinely validating checkpoints where data has been accurately backed up.

Strategize the Data Backup Plan. Identify data files on your computer, network, laptop computers and wireless devices that need to be backed up and archived along with other hard replicas of the records and information. Such types of the plan must include frequent routine scheduled backups from computers, wireless devices, laptop and desktop computers to a network server. Backing up the hard copy of mission-critical records can be attained by scanning paper records into digital formats and letting them be backed up along with other digital data.

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There exist various options to conduct data backup. Cloud, tapes, cartridges, large capacity USB drives having integrated data backup software are efficient means of daily backup. The frequency of backups to be conducted, security of the backups and shielded protected off-site storage must be addressed in the plan. Backups must be housed to store with the same level of security as the original data. Several service providers provision online data backup services inclusive of storage to the “cloud”. This is highly cost-effective solutions for those who are equipped with an internet connection. Backup software application automatically performs the customers backed up. Bright Circle Technical Services conducts data backup as often as required to ensure ZERO data loss. Data restoration points are confirmed and defined objectively.

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Online PC Support Optimizing Business Performance in Real-Time

Resolving Most Common MAC Problems with Bright-Circle Technical Support Services

Mac devices are prone to some of the frequently occurring problems or security issues, like any other device or system. Then user need to seek support from professional apple customer support organization. Such randomly occurring disruptions are troublesome and create great inconvenience on the daily operations of the user. This waste lot of time. In order to get rid of such time-eating situation, let’s learn few tips and tricks, given below to deal with few frequently occurring problem with the solution.

Bright Circle Apple

  1. PRAM clearance:This is a non-volatile memory present in the apple product to store the configuration information. By performing certain changes in the residual memory leads to weird behavior. It may result to boot issues and slows down the pace of the system start up. To resolve that, the user needs to switch off the computer, then power it through command + option + P +R keys. The apple tune will be played and it will begin rebooting. Still, if this problem remains unresolved, then seek help from professional technical support organizations. 
  2. Disabling extensions on boot:It may happen that the computer does not start or boot. This may be due to unwanted apps downloading or applications are not installed properly. Hence, the user needs to hold the shift key till the extensions and login items get disabled from the boot process. This might assist in switching it on.
  3. Menu of boot: This problem usually occurs when sometimes the user is not able to boot the system by the mean of external media. To solve that, they need to install the OS X very clearly and carefully. Once the installation process is done then the user will be able to switch it on with ease. The list of booting devices will be displayed in front which will make it easy to boot the computer.
  4. Resetting the password: When user login in the account, then sometimes either someone keeps your password by seeing or hack it. This may result to “unable to login” or the hacking of the information. Moreover, it can take place that the system is corrupt due to which the password is not working. To resolve that, switch on the system and recover the system while holding command + R option. Then going on to the menu, set the terminal utilities. When the terminal app gets downloaded, re-enter your password. Once this is done, you will easily be able to use your Mac account.

There exist several factors and security threats that can harm your Mac devices. This may include a disaster that at once will stop functioning of your device or computer. Such factors are capable of disrupting the working of your Mac device. A user should be careful and extra vigilant while working with Mac device.

Apple Support

Still, if the problem persists, then, in order to shield your system and to stay away from such panicking problem, associate yourself with the professional Bright-Circle Apple customer service and support officer. It provides cost-effective technical solutions and services via various affordable flexible “Technical Support Plans”. The Well-trained engineers at our organizations, empowers and enhances your device operation in daily routine. Subscription to such professional technical support plans gives you a sigh of relief, and take care of all other occurring issues, instantly. Our quick support and diligent service are beneficial for all level of customers.

Accelerate Device Operations with Apple Customer support

Bright-Circle is the fastest growing tech-support organization. The “secret sauce” of this success is our customer service and inspiring customer loyalty.

The core element that Bright-Circle practice to train its Apple Customer Support Team is mainly based on “How to deliver a great customer experience “ and make them experience a brand loyalty , irrespective of, whether our customer is an individual user or a small business retailer.

Apple Support

Our apple customer care genius support team are screened and trained with an experienced scrutiny process before they interact with customers.

What does our apple customer support team do actually ?

  • They are trained to approach customers with warm personalized welcome.
  • Politely probe them to understand the customer’s needs.
  • Suggest customer-specific feasible solutions, address customer needs.
  • They resolve concern issues.
  • Then, conclude with an invitation to return.

Realizing that not all our customers are created equal, our apple customer support possesses genuine pleasure to serve. They encourage and put themselves in the customer’s shoes, being empathetic towards them.

So, anytime, if a customer is angry, disappointed or frustrated about the device related issues, then our apple customer care team practice “empathy” with them, following three F’s, i.e., FEEL, FELT, and FOUND. This approach disarms customer and consider making the purchase of apple devices. Such practice focuses on value creation, in real terms.

The customer-care team helps people enrich their lives, making them feel better. With a value creating mind-set, we prove a complete service overhaul. We support the customer with service that’s right for their apple device, creating value beyond transaction.

Bright Circle Apple

With our consistent incremental improvements, we visualize the future need of the customer, proactively. Our such proactive approach makes us stand out from the crowd. A complete rethought on the issues, solving customers problems, we are making technology available and accessible for every age and demographically approachable.