How to Reset Password of Apple Computer?

You may require the resetting password of apple computer. To perform the same follow the sequence of steps given below:-

Step #A: Go to the System Preferences first and then open the Apple menu. When the screen of system preferences appears, then, click on the users groups, as mentioned in the system references-section.

Apple customer support

Step #B: Now, click on the password option present on the top of an accounts preference pane. Select the name into your account from the given list (located on the left-hand side of a window). This allows users to reset password of the apple computer.

Step #C: Select the change password button. Then, drop down the title bar of a preference pane enter all, along with a current password and the new one that you’ve just started. Then again enter the new password and confirm it. In the field of password hint, you require typing a phrase or a statement that help in recalling forgotten password. Now click on “change the password” option, present at the bottom of a screen that returns to users as well as groups present in the preference pane.
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Step #D: Now, you need to associate the new user account ID via which users may use an apple ID password to reset and able to login. This needs to select an apple set button, that is located in the field of users and groups under preference pane and then enters an ID along with the new password. And then submit the ok button, this will take you back to the preference pane.

Steps given below describes a complete setup of an Apple ID

Step#1 To start your apple mac you require to keep on holding the power button. When the login screen appears, click to choose the question mark that is visible at just next to password entry field.

Step#2 Now enter your apple Id’s along with a password. Then click the button as marked “reset password” to persist starting your device.

Step#3 Now click on the Launchpad icon present into your dock. Under the heading of utility section, you require opening the keychain access option.

Step#4 Then open the edit menu to perform the password changes. Now enter the keychain password that was an old login password and then press ok button, and submit the same.

Apple customer care

Step#5 Enter an old and new account password and then confirm the given new account password in the next field. Then click on the ok button when the process of resetting is finished. Hence, this matches your login with keychain passwords. That can be executed before you reset your account password.

Now you will be able to make the whole process of reset password of the apple computer by executing these easy steps manually as instructed.


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