How to find best data recovery services for your data storage?

You will never need a backup is a myth; a lot of people think that backup is a waste of money till they face any natural disaster or misfortune. Once you lose data or heard somebody’s data loss then only you will get to know how important is to store data and recovery services.

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Once you have set your mind and thought about data recovery services, choosing best data recovery service can be a daunting task for you. You can’t trust blindly on a third party for your crucial and critical data like pictures, video, photos and business documents. What factors to see before selecting any data service?

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Find the top data storage and recovery services providers in IT industry.

Data recovery is a serious thing. You need to check the company portfolio and service levels. If the recovery is done in the first attempt then it is great otherwise, chances will decrease with a number of attempts. So the first data recovery provider should be the best one. For the same reason, try not to open damaged media if you want to maximize the chance of the recovery. The company which provides first attempt data recovery should be your first priority.

Trust the Worthy

Select a company that you know or somebody has referred to you. Choose a well-known provider and somebody who have used it in person. Don’t take a risk and choose the known and tested data recovery services.

Choose the experienced one

More experience provides better services. An experienced service provider can tackle toughest data recovery.

Technologically advanced

Always select the one who uses advanced technology to provide data recovery and storage issues. Choose the technology provider that continuously improve and change over the time like flash technology, virtualization technology, encryption, etc.) This means that it’s important to choose a data recovery provider with a strong experience in this particular field and with millions of cases every year.

Adept technicians

With advanced technology, you must see the quality and skill of the technicians. The benefit of high-end technology can be very well served by highly skilled technicians. Technicians at Bright Circle are certified with years of experience.

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Value for Money

Data recovery services that fit in your pocket easily can increase the chances of using services. Many companies try to provide low quality service with fake promises. At bright circle, you will always receive more value for money. With additional services to gratify your needs, get instant recovery services in less time.

Bright Circle will manage, collaborate and protect your data with exceptional data recovery services.


Bright Circle : Protect your business with an effective storage and backup strategy

In a perfect world, enterprises wouldn’t have to worry about computer failure, natural disasters and losing valuable information that could set them back financially. But in today’s data-centered world, finding reliable storage and backup options that combat cyber-security threats is imperative to protecting an organization’s information, people and customers. In an environment where both human and technical errors are unavoidable, IT leaders must guard their infrastructure with a solid backup and recovery plan that is tailored to their business.

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Collecting and storing data is essential for running a smooth business operation, but so is understanding that this data can be stolen, lost or hacked at a moment’s notice. The first step in putting together an efficient backup strategy is finding the right service provider you can trust to manage your valuable network architecture.

The more hardware, software, users and data is added to your IT network, the more database recovery needs to be top of mind for every organization. Simplifying your data protection processes across your entire organization can be accomplished with Jolera’s Managed Barracuda service – a born-in-the-cloud solution that offers cost-effective data protection and easily secures your critical data in a one-stop flexible platform. The flexible solution simplifies data protection across your entire infrastructure and gives you complete end-to-end backup and recovery coverage.
What will give organizations that use large amounts of private data ease of mind is a high performing managed security service that delivers end-to-end protection. Jolera’s modern backup solutions – including Secure-I.T, a managed security as a service offering, and Store-I.T., a cloud solution that offers scalable online backup options based on Jolera’s cloud platform – will safeguard your business data from a single console.

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Solving the challenges of network and data security are complex. Jolera has been implementing, managing and optimizing managed services solutions for over 15 years, and their customers trust their IT expertise and customized solutions to accelerate their growth.

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